Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

We did not remember where we read but there was an interesting article; The women who got up every morning to do makeup and removed the make-up from their face demandingly; this women can bring the world to their knees if they really want to. Absolutely agree!

If you plan to bring the world to your knees, maybe it won’t get harmed to save some time. For instance, our estimates, you can save an average of 30 minute if you do not make up and remove every day. Well, not bad for today’s fast world.

If you have any fears or questions about the permanent makeup, we always welcome you to our saloon.Let’s say in advance: Is permanent makeup harmful?  No, if it is done professionally it will not hurt you. Is permanent makeup done on every skin? We must decide together. But do not worry, there are formulas that developed for sensitive skin as well. How long is permanent makeup? Depends on your skin and your wishes.


Microblading is one of the most popular and succesful cosmetic method of recent times. Eyebrows are directly affect the structure and appearance of the face. And also eyebrows are directly affect the tired, unhappy or impressive look of the eyeshot. Shaping of eyebrows in accordance with the golden ratio of the face, closing the possible asymmetries and proportioning them to the face type in the most appropriate way are the most important matter. However, eyebrows may start to be offended and eyebrows may not get out in certain regions due to long-termfalse pluck eyebrow. In such cases, microblading is the most succesful and effective solution.However,this methods must be applied by experts in the field.

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Brow Contour

When the ‘eyebrow’ is called; some people think of the touristic zone, some people think of various
phrases. (‘Eyebrow means is ‘Kaş’ in Turkish. Kaş is refer to both touristic zone and eyebrow)
In our opinion, eyebrow is the most characteristic playground on the woman’s face.
Weak eyebrows can become a nightmare especially for women who has light hair. On the other hand weakening of the eyebrows after pregnancy, advancing age (stubborn to aging and flourishing woman) loss of eyebrows into the bargain.
Put your eyebrow pencils deep into your makeup bags. It is easy to make the eyes clear and start at the first glance 1-0 ahead with eyebrow contour.


Lip Coloring

Lip structures which have a clear and smooth lip contour is put in a meaningful and lively attractiveness to the person’s face. Therefore, permanent lip coloration treatment which directly affects the overall face is great importance for lifeless lips and lips that not sufficient fleshy. Fleshy and clear lips are always seen as a symbol of youth and vitality. For this reason, women can use the permanent lip coloring method to restore their lips that have lost their fullness due to different reasons. With this method, we obtain both the lips that as lively and permanent as color and fleshy lips that applied succesful lip contour in a more natural way.

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Permanent Eyeliner

Quality and natural dyes that using in permanent makeup process are one of the methods that provide the most common and successfull results in permanent eyeliner process.Permanent eyeliner treatment does not cause any pain or ache. Permanent eyeliner treatment is so easy. Permanent eyeliner treatment is applied by expert people in this process. By means of this, treatment is completed without any problems in the eyes.The permanent eyeliner treatment is completed in about 30 minutes or 1 hour. Creams that creat anesthetic effect are applied on the area during treatment. In this way there is no any pain.In addition, there is no any problem such as swelling or bruising in the eyes. The dyes that used in this process are completely natural color pigments. Thus there is no situation that harms human health.

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