The Haircut

The right haircut is one of the most important beauty details; it may cover the possible asymmetry or distorted features on a face, even the lines or shape of the face. It is able to show your face with a perfect ratio and in harmony. A women’s haircut may allow showing the style and the type without saying a word. Accuracy of the haircut is the key detail while providing the golden ratio and is the process that must be performed only after a facial analysis. Ersin Camsari Beauty and Hair Design Saloon is located in Taksim, in the heart of the city of Istanbul with its team of haircut professionals. The saloon is in your service with the team of hair specialists whose only profession is hair cutting with expertise education. The team for the dyeing of the hair is different than the cutting and shaping team. The main points to be careful about a haircut are:

  • The professional to cut the hair must analyse the face lines of the person and to give him/her enough information about the hair styles to suit the person.
  • If there is a specific style that person is willing to have, then the haircut must be planned according to the face shape, the weight and the height of the person while still keeping the style wished in mind.
  • It is a must for the professional person to have both the ability and the expertise required as well as the preciseness and delicacy for making the most beautiful haircut real.
  • The accessories, combs and the scissors sets to be used during the cutting must be hygienic, quality products and picked specifically.
  • Another detail to show a haircut well is perhaps the colour. To get the perfect hair, we must create the most perfect hair colour for the haircut accordingly.

For a haircut, the colour tone of one’s skin, the height of the person, and all the other small details are clues. With the help of those, following the clues, we are able to reach the perfect haircuts; we are the most popular place around the centres in the city of Istanbul such as Eminönü, Taksim, Şişli, Sultanahmet, Beyazıt and Taksim being a leader in the subject around those places. Choosing the right coiffeur is the first step and an important detail while getting a haircut. If we consider the time that the hair takes as getting longer, the smallest mistake might develop a permanent problem for at least six months that a woman must live with. For this reason an expertise so as not to make any mistake is substantial; and also working people with a vision, an esthetical point of view and the ability is very very important. Along with the expertise level of the coiffeur, the communication skills (between the customer and the professional coiffeur) are quite important. Meeting on a common decision; creation of a consensus over a bunch of options covering the preferences of the person and the professional view also with the ideals to the hair; it is the essence.

Moreover the beauty of the haircut may be seen after the hair gets long after a while as well. No matter how well the haircut appears, if it becomes distorted after a while or it loses the shape given or the length gets out of form while getting to a longer version, this means the haircut is not good. The haircut must be permanent even during the time period while the hair gets longer. Apart from that even the quality of the scissors used, comb quality and hygiene, the ability of the professional are all very important for a haircut. The most important point while cutting hair is to decide the face shape and the most suitable haircut for the face. Even the faulty features of the face may be masked through a haircut. As a good example, if you dislike the shape of your nose, if you think you have close set eyes or wide apart eyes, we are able to cover all those negative details with the right haircut. As a result we may give you an appearance that would seem more adjust and proportioned. Adding to the features concerning the shape of the face, also the height of the person and the length of the neck area, the size and shape of the forehead and similar details are all very important for the right hair shape.

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