Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Well, OK. Rapunzel was able to grow her hair so long that they reached the height of the tower. But is there anyone realizing how long did it take?
Life is so fast right now. Then your hair must be growing fast too. Don’t you think so? Products such as extensions, postiches and clip in pieces are just like the guardian angels of the modern women.
With the help of the hair extensions we are able to make secret additions to your hair. Then you may use your healthy, long and well groomed hair until you get bored – who would be bored anyway.
Clip in and postiches are recommended and ideal for those who are content with their present hair length but also say “sometimes I enjoy long hair”.
Close your eyes and count to 100. When you open your eyes, you will be with the hair of your dreams. So easy! an elite and also you will feel in a familiar saloon for years in Ersin Camsari.

Keratin Hair Extensions

Keratin hair extensions do not contain any chemicals or any other toxic substance that would hurt your hair. This product is added to the beginning of your hair, as it is attached at the very end of the additional hair, technologically. It is useful if you want to get length and volume; plus it is also an ideal method for those who want to apply shadow colouring and highlights to their hair without dying your real hair or natural own hair. You may be able to add 60 or 200 small parts of hair with this application process according to your own volume and length of hair. The duration of this practice is around 1 or 4 hours depending on each individual case. Keratin hair extensions method is also known as the Italian Keratin Method as well. These extensions never stick together, unite randomly or get effected from the heat at all. Also it is not visible for the others because it is transparent and a process without any colour.


Micro Extensions

Micro extension methods are one of the most popular hair extension processes nowadays. It is also known as the most healthy one among all extension methods. Especially the natural appearance they supply, blending in and healthy image make them so. There is also the easy usage as their advantage and health benefits provided. There are many ways to add extensions to one’s hair. Micro extensions are among them being the most preferred. The process gives the hair a look with volume and thick hair density. Even the shortest haircuts may appear thick with density and with great length. If only you have this process done by the real professionals for this kind of procedure, successful micro extension experts; you would get great results.


Band Extensions

Band extension is one of the most applied hair growing methods. The band extension process takes between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the length of the hair and the method of treatment. Besides that band extension method has no any harm to human health. The bands that used on the hair are not allergic. Band extensions are applied as medical tapes. The hair that used is %100 original human hair. Band extension methods; it is applied by special methods with double-sided adhesive. The band extension that applied by first class %100 natural hair have a quite natural appearance.

  • How long can we use band extension hair?
  • How to band extension withdraw from the hair?

Clip-in Hair

Clip-in hairs one of the most practical hair extension methods. Clip-in hair that one of the most popular choices in among postiche applied systems put in lenght and volume without any damaging. You can add color and length to your hair with clips. And also you can easily do the operations that you want to over the your clip-in hair. In addition, clip –in hairs are heat proof hairs. In this way, you can easily perform the desired operations. Clip system are large diameter sheet systems ranging from a single piece to several pieces.

  • What are the advantages of clip-in hair?

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