Hair Styles

We are a team that have made thousands of women to come to terms with their hair and seen this action as an art.

Our first goal has been “To enable every woman without exception love their hair and be happy.” from the outset.

We believe there are many solutions to make you happy at the saloon. We continuously add our new innovations to our gallery.

You are always welcome both at our saloon and on our website.


Alright, we agree. Rapunzel might have extended her hair like a tower. But does anybody know how much time she needed to do so?

Life goes on fast these days. And so hair must extend in a wink, mustn’t it? Things like hair welding, postiches, poppers are almost helping angels of modern women.

We make secret extensions to your existing hair by hair welding. You can enjoy your strong, long and well-cared hair until you get bored (who possibly can get bored?)

As to poppers and postiches, they are ideal for those, happy with their hair length, but say “Long hair is sometimes good.”

Close your eyes and count to 100. When you open your eyes, you will have had the hair you were dreaming of a couple of minutes ago. It’s that easy!


Women know that hair is the most important element of beauty since ancient times. Long curly hair, straight and bright hair, short hair… Hair style is the most important reflection of a woman’s mood.

Hair takes the shape of how a woman feels herself. It is stronger than all make-up staff for revealing the beauty of a face.

This is the moment at which haircut steps in. Are eyes big and nice? You can point to them by putting forward the bangs. You may have an arched and noble noise but with a casual haircut, does it take an ordinary and undesired shape? With storey haircut models, it is now possible to look like ancient Greek women.

Visage, offered by very few hairdressing saloons in Turkey, is a haircut service comprising experience and aesthetic perception. It is an effort at which we decide together to unravel the beauty of your face by talking about the details and taking into account the color and texture of your hair.


One of the most emphasized points of women’s beauty at songs is their hair. Blonde, dark, red and of course auburn hair colors…

A woman goes to the hairdresser’s first when she wants to change her life. She changes her hair color, because each hair color reflects a different woman on the mirror.

Factors like complexion, eye color, previous and existing hair colors and alike affect the well-being of the subsequent hair color. Dyeing color should not be seen as an ordinary action.

It is now possible to get the ideal hair color by hair analysis, pre-treatments and color tests.


Well-groomed and beautiful Brazilian women seem to be spending a significant amount of their time at the hairdresser’s. When we hear of well-kept, bright and blazing hair, we turn our attention to Brazil.

Brazilian women, just like the women in Istanbul with a humid climate, were complaining from the spoilage of their blow-drying easily. And the science has come to their aid. From then on it has spread to the world. For a while, Turkish women, too, have this effect of a “newly blown-dry” on their hair.

Although hair botox is helpful for saving hair without spending too much time and effort, it is very essential to do it with quality materials, herbal treatment and right heat. Do not neglect the well-being of your hair while trying to get straight and well-kept hair.


One of the most special days of our lives we experience only once is our own wedding. All the attention is on you for the whole day. Just like in Latin dances, man is only a figure to put forward the beauty of the woman. The groom wears black and rather emphasizes the bright of the white.

While eyes of hundreds of people are on you, there are 3 things they look at: Your wedding costume, your make-up (we think the best make-up is smile) and of course your hair.

Bride’s hair is rehearsed many times before the wedding and perhaps the point at which hairdressing comes closest to being an act of art. By combining trendy hair models, modern bun models and perhaps vintage hair models, fixing the most suitable and authentic hair model for the bride is one of our most popular efforts.