Our saloon which brings together beauty and art together is located at the heart of Beyoğlu. An exclusive beauty center experience awaits our guests with our certificated experts in their fields who effortlessly continue their training.

You’d better not forget. What makes a lady beautiful is her realization of her own beauty. We are here only to strengthen your beauty. There is not a mirror a woman who trusts herself cannot conquer.


We don’t remember where we read but we came across an interesting article: Women, putting on make-up upon getting up every morning and meticulously removing it in the evening bring the world into their knees if they really want. We definitely agree!

If you plan to bring the world into your knees, you’d better save some time. If you don’t put on make-up and remove it every day for example, you can save up to 30 minutes of time according our estimations. Well, it is not too bad for the fast-flowing world of our times.

If you have reservations or problems about long-lasting make-up, we are here ready to help you at our saloons. Let us say in advance: Is long-lasting make-up harmful? No, if it is done professionally, it does not upset you. Can long-lasting make-up be applied to every skin? We must decide this together. But don’t worry! There are formulas developed especially for sensitive skins as well. How much durable is long-lasting make-up? It depends on your skin and your expectations.


Technically, the mini shield protecting the eyes from sun and dust is called eyelash. Alright, what if we ask women?

Mascaras showing the eyelash long, curling and giving it 100 times volume… It’s not enough! Artificial eyelash? Due to the need of covering the gluing spot with an eyeliner, the obligation to put on a heavy make-up…A make-up style much higher than daily make-up… What if it falls? It is a horrible possibility!  It is confusing even while writing. How hard it is to make a decision and carry it out, just think about it

When it is evening time and the eye make-up is removed, a scene remains which is not desired to see until the next make-up. Actually, you are beautiful without make-up as well, but we know it is difficult to convince somebody about that.

What if you don’t have to put on mascara? What is more with a very easy and fast process… Having lengthy and voluminous eyelashes will make you happy. Besides, silk eyelashes, prepared with the world’s softest and finest fabric, silk, will unravel the brightness of your eyes.

By the way, we recommend you to make an appointment in advance. Who likes to wait for having beautiful eyelashes?


However beautiful a building is, unless it has a foundation it means nothing. Even though flowers unfold seeds around, as long as the soil, the sun and the water is not available, seeds don’t make sense.

The essence of everything is their most precious spot. Fort his very reason, seeds take shelter behind a hard shell.

We, too, start the day with a skin behind clothes and make-up. The skin carries the make-up, pollution and stress throughout the day. It is usually quiet, but sometimes unleashes a big “SOS!” scream.

When skin care is regularly maintained, it reduces the need for make-up and delays aging, and most importantly enabling you to smile by heart on the mirror even without make-up.


Not so long ago, until a few years, women used to like three nailpolish colors: buff, white and red. Then, mini flower themes started to be added onto the French manicure. Later on, colors like blue and black started to show up on nails. Just then colors, tinsels and designs and nails declared their freedom.

Thanks to the nail art, spreading to the world from Japan, nails have taken the shape of a post-modern canvas. Women have started to tell themselves in 10 frames. (The only problem is that it is addictive. It is almost guaranteed you’ll suddenly start not liking red nailpolish.)

If you want to create a new style on your nails, our nail artists are ready to help you at our saloon. You’d better give us a call in advance before you come, as they are usually very busy.


When somebody says eyebrow, some thinks of a touristic region while others think of various idioms. Eyebrow means to us the most characteristic play ground on a woman’s face

Concretizing the weak eyebrows especially for women with light hair colors may sometimes turn into a nightmare. And problems like the weakening of eyebrows after pregnancy and aging (as if against the sophisticated and aging woman) come into the bargain.

Put your eyebrow pencils into the deepest spot of your bag. It is now very easy to concretize your eyes and start the game 1-0 ahead with eyebrow contour.


The old say “ Hair gets longer by enjoyment and nails by suffering.” We don’t think so. Hair as well as nails can get longer with enjoyment. And just in a few minutes!

When nails resist to get longer or when they reach the adequate length, the period when one of them breaks and perishes is long past away. If your nails that feminize your hands are not showing the expected performance, you can solve the problem right away with prosthesis nails.

Professional prosthesis nails can be used over a long period of time. We promise in advance the secrecy of your prosthesis nails. But… Don’t forget they are prosthesis when you get used to their comfort.